Thursday, July 3, 2008

Another Non-Blog

I just have one thing to say to whoever prayed about the internet situation:

WOW!!!!! That was quick.

Will the guilty party or parties please be BLESSED!

More later....

love, kim


Ginny Evans said...


I check the site daily and look forward with great anticipation to your writings!! Katherine is such a blessing and has changed lives all over the world for the better!!
I cannot wait to one day come to hear her testimony in person where ever I have to travel and I can tell you, there are many, many of my prayer partners who will be tagging along! We all want to meet this miracle child of yours and your family! What an inspiration you have all been and continue to be! Give Katherine our love and let her know prayers go up daily on her behalf all over the world!! Love, Ginny

Brenda See said...

Dear Katherine:

Your mother tells us she is reading our messages to you, so here's mine. Know that not only are we urging you on as we pray for you daily, but Jesus is walking each step with you and breathing each breath with you. He is sitting at the right hand of our father interceding for your health and your healing. He is all knowledge and wisdom, and all compassion and he loves you and baby James and Jason.

I pray that your joy may be complete in Him even though your road is long. You are blessing people throughout the world with your spirit of determination. And we know that all things work together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to his purpose. You definitely are called, Katherine Wolf! And you are justified and you are glorified. And nothing is able to separate you from His love. His hand is on you to deliver you.