Friday, November 21, 2008

A Day In The Life...

6:00 a.m.-Loud gibberish on the baby monitor
6:30- Loud crying...Granny gets up
6:32- Change diaper
6:35- Watch Baby Einstein (aka “Baby Crack”)
7:00- Fry egg with screaming baby on hip
7:05- Feed baby egg, oatmeal, and cheerios
7:30- Wrestle baby to ground and dress him
8:00- Help his mom finish getting ready
8:45- Wave byebye
9:00- Play with toys, read books, watch more Baby Crack
10:00- Put baby down for morning nap
10:05- Collapse on sofa, check email
10:25- Straighten house up
11:00- Shower, dress
11:50- Baby cries
12:00 p.m.- Fix baby’s lunch: grilled cheese, banana, string cheese, peach, milk
12:10- Wash breakfast dishes
12:15- Daddy and Mommy back from rehab
12:30- Eat lunch
1:00- Go to “grocery store” recommended by son-in-law
2:00- Go to real grocery store to find missing items
3:00- Unload groceries
3:30- Prepare to take quick nap
3:35- Baby wakes up from 2nd nap
3:40- Play with baby while everyone else takes a nap
3:45- Try to convince baby to play nightnight; play horsie instead
4:30- Resort to more Baby Crack
5:00- Change 6-wipe stinky diaper
5:15- Bathe baby
6:30- Feed baby supper
7:15- Baby goes nightnight
7:30- Fix grownup’s supper
8:15- Eat supper
8:30- Watch tube
9:30- Wash dishes
10:00- Baby wakes up and cries
10:10- Pat baby back to sleep
11:00- Get ready for bed
11:05- Read for 5 minutes
11:10- Go to sleep
12:30 a.m.- Baby screaming
12:35- Change massive diarrhea diaper
12:40- Still screaming
12:45- Walk around living room and 'ticka ticka'* on couch
*(Arnoldese for "tickle," as in a back)
12:50- Fall asleep with baby on couch
1:30- Sneak baby back to bed
1:32- Go back to bed
4:00- Baby screaming
4:05- Stumble around with baby
4:10- Get in bed with baby and 'ticka ticka'
6:30- Wake up with baby’s finger in eye
6:31- Praise God, from whom all blessings flow
6:32- Kiss baby all over his beautiful snotty face

7:00 a.m.- Fry egg with screaming baby on hip...


Shauna said...

You are certainly doing a service of love! I know your daughter, son-in-law and grandson will be eternatlly grateful! If there is ever anything I can do from Athens, GA, please let me know.

Shauna Smith

Kristen said...

the memories come back. Now I remember why I never got stuff done then..but I sure miss those baby kisses! they are precious. said...

Yikes just reading your list and I am tired! sometimes its the hardest job we have,and you are doing it the second,third,fourth time around...but then who's counting?
Bless you for your gits of love!!!
I think you are amazing...and I so get what you are doing.
May today the naps last longer, may the rest through the night go without screaming...
and may you all feel the prayers and out pouring of love.

Taylor said...

You are an amazing mom and grandmother...I know that Katherine, Jay and James will always remember the love that you have shown for them...God has surrounded Katherine with an awesome support system...Your schedule cracks me up because it sounds exactly like mine...I have a one year old that is about a month older than James. Sometimes I feel like I could sleep for a solid week and maybe I could catch up on sleep...However, as I am sure you feel the same way it is an awesome responsibility...Please tell Katherine that she has overly amazed so many people all of the world and that we continue to pray for her...It is so exciting to read what God has done in her life and she is changing people everyday...Tell her that everyone at First Baptist in Montgomery wish her the best and thinks of her each and everyday...

In His Grace,

Elizabeth said...

I am a first time mother of a 20 month old and your post made me laugh so hard i cried. Thanks for sharing your REAL life with us!

tatiana said...

oh, kim....
just a day in the life of a wondeful, lovin' & patient grandma.... gr8 post.... lol! enjoy all those baby kisses....
tati :)

plilr said...

Well, I certainly feel for you having to do this, but I know that Jay and Katherine are so grateful that you are there to help out. And I know that James will be too, once he is old enough to fully comprehend what is going on. I can't imagine how hard all of this is on all of you--I've tried taking care of my nephew for just a few hours and it is exhausting!!--but I also know that you probably cherish this special time with your little grandson. I'm praying hard for Katherine's swallowing evaluation on Monday!!

If you have time and can share, can you update us on what happens next with Katherine's journey? Has any of that been decided? Will she stay at Casa Colina until she can swallow and walk or is there the possibility that she will move back to a home away from CC? Of course, if it isn't the right time to share this information, I totally understand.

And, one more thing--I read on one of the other updates that you guys are trying alternative therapies. I think that is great--and I know someone that might be able to help some. If Katherine, Jay or you are interested in learning more about him, I will gladly pass along the information. He is located in North Hollywood, but I'm sure I could get him to you guys. Just a thought.

As always, you are all in my thoughts and prayers. If there is ever anything that any of us can do from out here in the blogsphere, let us know.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Much love,


Emily said...

Great post, Miss Kim!
What a blessing your very unique relationship with James will be for years to come. Bless your heart, though- I got a huge kick out of your schedule knowing that I and so many, many mothers identified with so much of it! I know that every day that you keep that schedule, you are pouring out love on your sweet Katherine and Jay. We continue to keep y'all in our prayers daily, and will be praying for that swallowing test. God's blessings be continuously overwhelmingly evident to you this week...
Emily Gross

Anna said...

oh I love reading your posts! you are such a gifted writer! I have an 8 month old & my schedule is quite similar...minus the eggs :) the naps never seem to be long enough & the work is never done. thank you for sharing your heart & love with so many...even those you don't know. you're words provide so much encouragement. I always know that I will be pointed to our amazing God & his incredible goodness when I read your words! we continue to think of & pray for your sweet family often.

Brittany said...

Right on Ms. Kim !!! I died laughing and envisioned myself as a mother of 2 boys (3 and 19 months) right along with you in all those 15 minute increments. I bet little James is too cute to even describe! MOre pics please!!
Brittany Bolemon

truth4nothing said...

Diarrhea may be coming from egg allergy- it's possible, right?

Lauren said...

Mrs. Arnold,
I graduated from Samford with your daughter in 2004. We had many friends in common but I did not know Katherine well at Samford. Sarah Ott, one of Katherine's sorority sister's is a dear friend of mine and she was the one who alerted me back in April with what katherine was going through. I began to pray and I know so many others do as well. I continue to pray for you all and want you to know what a testimony you all have been to me through everything. I am so challenged an encouraged in my walk with the Lord. I just wanted you to know. My thoughts and prayers are with you all,

Lauren (Bean) Cushenbery

carter said...

You are my newest hero...I just love your sense of humor and wit...keep it up Super inspire me! You are the proverbial Wife/Mother/Grandmother/Friend of Noble Character...a blessing!!!

Press on. Peace, Julie Rowland

Avery Tales said...

I just found your blog from Footprints Ministry. This made me laugh so hard!

MJ said...

You're like, an angel!