Thursday, February 12, 2009

granny made another oops

Okay, I got too big for my britches and tried to upload a picture from the Darius website. Obviously, it was unsuccessful, and now I can't get Blogger to let me take it off. Do any of you young people have any advice for grandma? Help!!!


Thanks so much for the good tech advice! It worked! Yaaaaay!

(For pictures of Darius and crew, please go to the link at the bottom of the previous blog, click on "Press" at the top, and scroll down and click on "Download Stills "on the left.)


alalime said...

Does this help? I've never messed with blogger before, but I just did a search on "how to remove a photo from blogger".

You're the best, Kim! My mother suffered with cancer for 8 years and died this past October. I've been reading your blogs since April as I'm a friend of the Trezises (Katherine knows them from young marrieds at Bel Air Pres), but none have touched my heart as delicately and precisely as this past one on Compassion. It urged me on toward hope in spite of and because of our adversity. Thank you.

Grieving Mother said...


Hi! I am Angie Bennett Prince (Billy Bennett's youngest aunt)! I am so thankful that I finally have been able to find your blog! My family has been raving about your sharing your precious heart with all of us, and they so wanted me to read it. Now, I finally can!

We have been praying for Katherine over the months since we heard about her terrible ordeal. What tremendous miracles are taking place in her life! To finally find her blog (last night), I was so thrilled to hear her bubbly personality pouring forth on her journal page! That right there communicated volumes regarding the amazing progress she has made after such a life-threatening event and the extremely serious and invasive surgery she had to undergo.

Thank you both for being willing to share your hearts and lives with us; it ministers to our hearts and hurts, reminding us what an absolutely great God we serve.

I would love for you to read my new blog if you get a chance. I too have been through an extremely painful ordeal--a mother's worst nightmare, yet God has so tenderly met me in my pain that I long to share His gentle and faithful responses to my crying out to Him about my baby. If you do get a chance to visit the blog, please let me know you've been there (by a comment or send some communication to me). I would so love to keep up with you. Our family has known Brooks for a long time, and greatly respect him. I would love to know you as well! My blog site is

May God bless you Kim, and continue to minister to you and your family as He continues to heal precious Katherine.

And thank you all for the beautiful flowers you sent Mother at Christmas! What a sweet family you are!

In His amazing Love,


jana said...

I think if you go back to your post to edit it, when it takes you to the place to type, switch the tab on the upper right to "edit HTML." From there you highlight the HTML text (I think the photo will start with a "less than" character and an 'a' and close with the "greater than" character and an 'a') and delete it. Hope that helps.

I've been reading your blog since the beginning. Such inspired reading.

I met Katherine last spring (April--right before the AVM rupture) when I came out to Malibu to keep my sister, Jeri's, baby, Owen when she went back to work. They were executing the baby shower for one of the neighbors. What a fun time to meet everyone!

Thank you for your words and faith.

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