Sunday, April 19, 2009


Dear Friends,

Just a note to let you know that my computer is broken and is being sent off to the hospital for...(gasp)...4 weeks. I was just about to post a spring photo album when it died. 

As if that weren't enough, our phone service in the apartment, which is extremely inconsistent, is back to VERY BAD. You have to hang off the balcony to get a signal. And James has evidently thrown away my new bluetooth, which at least enabled me to put the phone outside on the ledge and have a conversation indoors. 

This is why women my age hate technology. Too many complications.

Amie has very graciously loaned me her Mac for the day so that I can check my email. I just had to make a solemn vow not to look at her Facebook pictures.


Anyway, I just had the opportunity to read Katherine's latest caringbridge entry on her difficulties in communicating. It has been such a sad thing for all of us, but, of course, especially for her. How I miss the sound of her voice! I fervently pray that I will hear it again one day.

Communication is something we take for granted until deprived of it. 

Perhaps we're supposed to learn to listen better during those times. 


In the meantime, please forgive me for being incommunicado. 

(And maybe someone could pray that BestBuy's prognosis was overly pessimistic?)

Thank you for your faithfulness.


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Nancy said...

Dear Kim,
I am a little out of it as you can surely understand ~ Abby's wedding count down is now 5 days and moving in on us quickly ~ but I still remember you all and keep up with the website as best I can. I don't have time right now to go thru my favorite blogs ~ And there are Sooo many favorites! The one that comes to mind, though, without even scrolling down to read them is the one about holding on to the things we KNOW to be true.
In all the glitter and clutter and joys and sorrows and questions of life, I too sometimes just need to stop and consider what few things I really KNOW and cling to. I rejoice with you that our comfort is in knowing Christ and Him crucified, in knowing that our God is good and that He is control, in knowing that we are kept in the shadow of His wing and that we are the apple of His eye.
No matter what the circumstance, these are the truths to which we hold, some of the few things we KNOW for sure.
We love you all dearly.
(I also KNOW I better get back to arranging flowers and getting on with these last minute details of this wedding! We will miss you all here, but will be with you in prayers and spirit! There is a wedding feast we will look forward to enjoying together one day and that is another thing I KNOW!)
Nancy (and all the Milners)