Wednesday, June 3, 2009

...More of Grandma's Bragbook

Dear Family (and interested Friends),

Here are the most recent pictures of (mostly) the ChunkMonk:

love, kim


plilr said...

Oh my goodness! HE IS SO CUTE!! I can't stand it!! I love that you take lots of pictures--he is a beautiful little boy that is growing by leaps and bounds every day!! You must be so proud to be his grandma!

xx, Desiree

Peggy Dabbs said...

Thank you so much for sharing your pictures. You are a beautiful family! James is an angel! I am a grandmother too, so I know an angel when I see one!

Many prayers and much love.

tatiana said...

awesome pix, kim.... wat a q t patutie! luv the faces, lol.... it's gr8 2 c katherine recoverin'.... God is good, may He continue 2 bless u.... xoxo....

Brittany said...

So I just died laughing as I pictured "the move"! It was so refreshing to read your blog tonight. My husband and I are in the midst of a move to Winston-Salem from Greenville. It's just as you mentioned...tough to leave the familiar and a nightmare to get our things together. I am so glad to hear that Katherine is doing okay following her latest surgery. She is such a fighter and I am humbled every time I get an email update from her caringbridge site. My friends here in Greenville are still asking for updates on you guys. Katherine's story still moves many hearts. I LOVE the pics... your family is beautiful. I originally thought James looked more like Jay but in those pics he had lots of Katherine expressions!!! He is adorable.

Brittany Wood Bolemon

Denise Horton said...

Hi Kim,

I realized after the fact that I sounded a bit too cheery as I called out to you and Brooks last night that I was keeping up with you and Katherine via your blogs! I sounded more like I was reading a blog about the latest celebrity gossip, rather than how Katherine and the rest of you are getting through each day as she continues her recovery.

Both you and Katherine are such excellent writers that you are able to balance the difficulties you face each day with humor. For those of us who are reading from afar, it's easy to minimize what you each face every day.

However, it has been wonderful to read about Katherine's ongoing progress--from being so near death to no longer having a feeding tube!

Please just know that we're praying for you all and how much we admire you. Not just the sacrifices you're all making, but how you continue to hold onto your faith during such a long and difficult time.

Take care. -- Denise Horton

gaycrowe said...

It was so good to get to see you the other day. Always know that we are always here for you and family if needed in A-town. ;-)
Much love