Tuesday, November 17, 2009

These Dreams

I have very vivid dreams. Often, they are weird, rambling, and random. One strange sequence segues into the next, seemingly without connection or context. Bizarre combinations of characters appear in detailed plot lines. Sometimes I am one of the characters, sometimes not. Sometimes “I” appear, but not as Kim. That was the case last night. I was a young woman with brown hair, married to one of three brothers. We all lived in a huge, scary old house together, along with their widowed father, another sister-in-law, the youngest brother’s inappropriate girlfriend, two children, a baby, and hundreds of gross little animals.

See what I mean?

Really random.

Some mornings, I wake up exhausted from all the nocturnal adventure.

Who knows what brain activity ignites these strange images behind the curtain of our minds? What does it mean? Sometimes I wish I could call someone like Joseph or Daniel and ask for an interpretation.

Both scientifically and theologically speaking, it appears that many dreams, perhaps most, have no real spiritual significance. (Although the psychological implications, of course, are a whole different matter.) According to the New Bible Dictionary, the Israelites during Old Testament times were far less occupied with the dream phenomenon than were the majority of their contemporaries, such as the Egyptians or Babylonians. It goes on to state, “dreams are said to derive from the activities in which the dreamer has been immersed during the day. (Ec.,v.3) However, the OT recognizes that, whatever the origin of a dream, it may become a means by which God communicates with men…”

According to my calculations based upon Strong’s Concordance, a form of the word “dream” appears in the Bible 122 times. Although I certainly don’t believe that every dream is a coded message sent straight from the Almighty, throughout the Bible there are telling examples of dreams used as vehicles of divine communication:

“The angel of God said to me in the dream, 'Jacob.' I answered, 'Here I am.' “ (Gen. 31:11

“But God came to Abimelech in a dream one night and said to him…” (Gen. 20:3)

"But after he had considered this, an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream and said, "Joseph son of David, do not be afraid to take Mary home as your wife, because what is conceived in her is from the Holy Spirit.” (Matt. 1:20)

Hmmmmm…if not for a dream, Jesus might have been considered illegitimate?

I would say that’s fairly significant.


Yesterday, I ran into someone I hadn’t seen in a long time. She told me that she and her family are praying for Katherine. Then she said, “It’s really weird, but I just had a dream about Katherine a few days ago. In the dream, she was completely well. She was speaking to a large group of people. And there was a little baby with her.”

I cannot tell you how many stories like this we have heard since Katherine’s injury. Different people have shared eerily similar details. In many of the dreams, Katherine is making a speech. In more than one, she is with a baby. Several people have seen her in a purple dress…which is funny, because she doesn’t even like purple. I heard a fascinating story about someone who had never seen Katherine or a picture of her. Never heard of her. This person received a request to pray for Katherine. She asked, “Is she a tall, pretty, blonde girl?” When the affirmative was given, she said, “I had a dream about her last night. She’s going to be fine.”

I don’t presume to understand.

Is God communicating words of hope through these dreams? Could they be prophetic? Or are the good wishes of those who know of Katherine’s situation causing them to have her image planted in their subconscious minds in such a way that it manifests in these dreams?

It is a mystery.

Only God knows.

But I am pondering these words:

“…whatever the origin of a dream, it may become a means by which God communicates with men…”

I am listening.


I have a very special request:

Some of the dream stories were shared with us in the early days of ICU, when it was difficult to breathe, much less think or remember. As time went on, I hoped to make a record of these dreams for Katherine. Sadly, loss of memory is just one of the many unfortunate symptoms of menopause. I’m sorry that I've let so many stories slip away, so many details blur together. So I'd like to invite anyone who has ever had a dream about Katherine to send me your story. It doesn’t need to be long…4 or 5 sentences might cover it. Whatever you’re willing to share.

I would love to have you post your story on “comments” below. Recently, I’ve been told that some people have had trouble with it. This is what you do:

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You should be able to post your comments then. Please let me know if it still doesn’t work.

Thank you so much!



“…and then, in dreaming,

The clouds methought would open and show riches

Ready to drop upon me that, when I waked,

I cried to dream again.”

William Shakespeare, The Tempest


Katie said...

I've had more than one dream about Katherine. I can't remember much as my dreams are as scattered as yours. But the most recent dream was the two of us shopping together, having a wonderful time as seen by Katherine's gorgeous *complete* smile and laughter. I woke up feeling very happy from the dream =)

Katie said...


I just this weekend had a dream about Katherine! In it she was looking up, and I was struck by how beautiful she was. What was so interesting was in my dream I noticed how she looked different from college years, but even more beautiful in an entirely new way. Praying that this whole process will illicit this refining beauty!

Katie B.

Sunshine said...

I had a dream about Katherine over a year ago that I still remember very clearly. Katherine was riding a fire truck in a parade in Birmingham! I know it's kind of silly, but I remember waking up and knowing that she would be okay. And maybe there will be a parade one day back in Birmingham of which she'll be a part. (I'm one of her sorority sisters from Samford). :)

Brittany said...

while Katherine was in the ICU and during her most critical days I dreamed about her often. Can't remember many details but i know she was always talking to me in the dreams. She was explaining how God had saved her. I do recall in many of them it was as if I was waiting to see her and then when I did I was so comforted to see she was okay.

brittany bolemon

Laurel said...

I don't remember details but I did have a Katherine dream while she was still in the ICU.

Instead of peaceful dreams, Katherine gives me peaceful prayers. When I pray for her, and her family, there is a calm that extends beyond the spirit. It is most pronounced when I pray for specifics, like nerve restoration. I feel God then.

I always finish intercessory prayers for Katherine with the notion that I have gotten a note from God and it says:

Be at peace. All will be well.

Krista said...

I had a dream over a year ago. It was very vivid and I remember it in detail and have shared it with "Big Jay" as well (we attend his former church in VA). Katherine was speaking to a group of medical personnel (all the bigwigs, nurses, doctors, etc. at UCLA Medical Center). She was recounting her story from the beginning till the present day. She was standing at the podium, speaking clearly, and going through excruciating detail and all of the staff were just riveted to her words. At the end, she gave an amazing testimony of her faith and God's provision and they all stood up and cheered, clapped, and cried. Many lives were changed that day, you could tell it was a supernatural experience all the way around.

keight dukes said...

i have followed katherine on caringbridge for over a year and found her through and friend of a friend's facebook prayer group for her. something about her journey has resonated so deeply with me since i am also a 27 year old blonde katherine from GA with a little boy and a handsome prince for a husband. and because i often dont appreciate them or myself like i should...her story has changed that. i dont know her in any personal way so i would normally not comment on this extremely personal blog for fear of being creepy, but i did have a dream about katherine. i dreamed a few weeks ago that after reading all of these updates and keeping up with the story i suddenly realized that my sister in law/best friend WAS actually katherine and how i couldn't believe i had never realized it before that this girl in california WAS my sister in law and friend. i remember thinking how great that was because she was gorgeous (like they both are anyway) and healthy and playing with her 2 little kids and how that meant that katherine was all better.

"Beauty for Ashes" Isaiah 61:3 said...

I don't have a dream but I have the reality. Every week I see restoration before my eyes. I see Katherine being healed and made complete. Her words, your words continue to inspire, encourage and make me ever so amazed at the God we serve. Thank you for sharing your reality -harsh and painful as it is some days-with us so that we can continue to praise our Father.

Mark 11:22-24 (New International Version)

22"Havefaith in God," Jesus answered. 23"I tell you the truth, if anyone says to this mountain, 'Go, throw yourself into the sea,' and does not doubt in his heart but believes that what he says will happen, it will be done for him. 24Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.


max harrell said...

Yes I am a dreamer, love and enjoy most of my dreams. In fact I would count my Katherine dream as one of my favorite dreams. It was many, many months ago, maybe even a year ago. There is a large room of people, Katherine's family and friends are in that room, laughing, talking and having fun. I am an observer from the hallway outside of the room and I see Katherine as she walks up to look into the room. She looks into the room and suddenly peeks around the doorway, wearing a red dress and announces very loudly, "I am back"..... I love that dream!
Carol Harrell, Athens

Judy said...

I have never commented but today I must ! I have followed this blog and prayed for Katherine for some time. My daughter went to school with Jay in Montgomery and when she heard of the challenges Katherine and Jay, and all of their families, were experiencing, she asked me to read and pray. I have...and today I must say I have received far more than I have given. I love the way this BLOG reminds us to let "God be God" !!!

Erika said...


I have had three very vivid dreams about Katherine.

The first dream occured a few days after the AVM ruptured, when she was still in a critical state in the ICU.

Basically, she was standing behind a podium, on a big stage, speaking to a very large crowd of people. I'm not sure if it was a medical crowd or a church function- but it was a BIG room of people listening to her every word. She had a 5 or 6 year old little boy with her and a baby nearby who was being minded by someone else while she gave her speech. Her voice was clear and strong. She was speaking about her AVM rupture and how it had changed her life.

The second dream I had was a few weeks later. Katherine was at a baby shower in Georgia. It was a garden party being held on a white sunporch overlooking a beautiful backyard with flowers in full bloom. A little boy (about 6 years old or so) was running around, and Katherine held a baby on her lap. Katherine was smiling. It was a baby shower for Katherine, and her baby had already been born- not sure if she had carried the baby, or if the baby was hers through adoption. The baby was gorgeous, and I got the sense that she was a girl. The baby was dressed in all white with a little white bonnet and could have been either gender, but for some reason the baby felt like a girl. Katherine was opening presents and eating scones, and laughing and talking.

The third dream I had was in August 2008. I had a dream that Katherine and Jay renewed their wedding vows at Bel Air Pres, in a little chapel there. Katherine had bridesmaid/attendants who wore royal blue gowns, and Katherine wore a gorgeous white dress. Before the reception, Katherine was talking to the caterers, making sure that they had all the recipes right. At the reception, she was explaining to everyone all about Southern food, and why everything tasted so delicious. Katherine was eating at the reception, and was smiling and happy, and she and Jay danced together.

Those are my three dreams I've had. (((hugs)))

Janet said...

Dear Katherine's Mom,
I wrote the following message to Katherine soon after she started posting her own messages online. The message was not really about a dream, but more like "a message from God" that was shared with me. Recently, my sister suggested that I send a copy of my original message to your blog. It still gives me chills when I reread the message and think about that day!
Janet Mauldin
PS ~ I wasn't able to send the message with this one, because it is too long. I will try to send it separately.

Janet said...

Still too long, so I will send it in 2 parts...hopefully, this will work.

“Angel at the IHOP”

Dear Katherine,
I am writing to share a very special message with you. First of all, I don’t know you or anyone in your family. My sister shared your CaringBridge page and your mother’s blog with me several months ago. She found your CaringBridge page through another person’s page. We were immediately touched by your story.
I have read all of the updates and followed your progress. Your mother’s blog has been so touching also. You and your family have been in my prayers since I first read your CaringBridge page.
I have been especially touched by the updates you have shared yourself about your specific prayer requests. I have prayed for you daily and you have been on my mind constantly. I have looked forward to your updates each evening.
Following is what can only be described as a “God thing!” I attend a weekly Bible Study on Thursday mornings. This past Wednesday, I needed to finish answering the questions included in the study, but there was someone working at my house that morning. I was trying to think of a quiet place where I could finish my study questions. Let me add how unusual it is that I would arrive at this destination. I can’t remember ever eating alone in a restaurant; I am from a family of four children so eating alone was never really an option. I enjoy eating and visiting with my family and/or friends. Since you are a Southerner too, you probably understand what I mean when I say that eating with others is definitely a social event for me. I say all of that to emphasize how unusual it was that I would go to a restaurant alone. The second very unusual part of this scene was arriving at IHOP! I’m not a huge breakfast food lover, so in most cases, I would choose a place like Panera Bread. I knew that Panera would be too crowded for me to concentrate on my Bible Study lessons though. I remembered taking my son to IHOP for breakfast a few times this past summer (since he LOVES breakfast food) and eating in a back room where no one else was sitting. Thus, I arrived at IHOP with Bible Study book and Bible in hand.
As I was walking to the back room, I passed a waitress, an attractive woman, who stopped and smiled at me. I smiled back as we passed. Enter angel…unbeknownst to me!
After sitting down and taking out my study materials, the same smiling waitress arrived at my table and said, “Did you want to sit back here alone?” I told her that I did so that I could work on my Bible Study. That statement opened the door for a quick discussion of Bible studies. The waitress told me of studies she had done including some of the same Beth Moore Bible studies I had completed in the past. Each time the waitress came to the table to bring my drink, food, extra napkins, etc., we shared a few words about my Bible Study. She wanted to know what I was studying and I shared the lesson I was working on about the book of Joshua.

Janet said...

After about an hour of breakfast and studying, I gathered my materials. The sweet Christian waitress came back to my table. She had tears in her eyes. She asked me if someone had been weighing on my heart…if I had been praying for someone special recently. Before I could even think, I answered, “…a woman who I don’t even know named Katherine Wolf.” I had been praying for many others in addition to you, but because of your specific prayer requests, I had lifted your name up to God many times over the past few weeks. I shared what I knew of your story from the updates I had read over the months. The waitress…A.K.A. “the angel” then spoke almost breathlessly, “I felt God speaking to me and I had to come and tell you before you left. He said that whoever you had been praying for would receive complete healing!” (I know that this sounds almost unbelievable! I might have a difficult time believing it if it had not happened to me, but it did!) Then we shared tears of joy! This was definitely a “God moment!!” I wanted you to know that God reached out in your behalf through an “angel at the IHOP” in Columbus, Georgia!
May you feel God’s healing hands as you reach your complete recovery, as per the “angel at the IHOP!” Katherine, I know that God has a special plan for you. Thanks to you and your family for sharing your beautiful story.
Janet Mauldin

PS ~ After I left IHOP that morning, I felt a peace and joy that I had not felt before I arrived. I thought about the lesson in Joshua I had been studying and the verse that came to me was,
“…be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go." Joshua 1:9

plilr said...

Wow! What an interesting account of dreams from so many different people--I'm believing that we are going to see Katherine giving a speech some time soon with a new baby in her arms!! I think that really sounds like something amazing to look forward to!

I don't specifically remember any subconscious dreams about Katherine, but I do know that she is in my thoughts daily. I remember finding out about her condition from an acting teacher that we had each taken classes from--she had sent out an e-mail asking for positive thoughts and for all of us to take care of one another because life was so precious. I remember reading the e-mail and when I got to her name just yelling at my monitor, "No, no, no, no, not Katherine. Not one of the nicest girls I have ever met, this can't be happening." It was such a shock to my system and honestly, I've only worked with her for a few days a few years ago and then kept in touch via e-mail. I have read about her journey (and everyone else's in her family) through these websites and being witness to all of this miraculous recovery and struggle has really been life changing. I have the deepest respect for all of you for being able to keep your family in tact and focus on getting her completely healed...I've said it many times before, but I don't know how you do it. I can feel the burden of it all through the computer screen and I am almost positive that if it were me, things would have been very, very different. I have maintained the attitude since I found out that she squeezed your hand after her surgery that she would fully recover. When I think of the future, there is always a fully restored Katherine in it. She is changing the world and has so much more to do. She (and you and Jay and everyone else) are such an inspiration. I'm glad that you are all in my life. It has made a profound impression on me.

Much love,


candycarrillo said...

Just in case you didn't get my earliest comment, I will reiterate my experience about Katherine. I was sitting in my living room when I received The Call. I gathered a s much information as possible in the midst of my sobs for everyone. Hanging up, I sobbed for a while longer. Then, not at all like me, I felt a TOTAL peace wash over me, with the KNOWLEDGE that Katherine would be fully restored. You know I have had a miraculous healing, but I never felt like that before. Hope this helps.
Love, Candy

Lindsay said...

I've also recently had some very vivid dreams, and one of them a few nights ago involved Katherine! I was in a hall, what seemed to be a hospital setting, a Katherine walked by me and gave me a great big hello. She was walking normally and her beautiful smile in tact, like nothing had ever happened.:)

Brenda said...

Kim, I am a 53 year old Christian mother of three - two adult women and one ten year old son. My Mother and maternal grandmother had dreams and/or visions, which they told me about when I was a child. I had my first "real" dream as a child; and from time to time throughout the years, continue to receive these dreams. My husband and I do not share the same opinion about dreams. He thinks they are useless nanderings of a brain resting. I believe that sometimes the brain just rests and sometimes God uses dreams to convey messages to us. The dream I want to share with you occurred within the past 5-8 years; I do not keep a dream journal so I'm unsure as to the exact date - which really doesn't matter in the long run. In my dream I was talking to an adult man. He assured me that my life was unfolding as God's plan revealed for my life. Everything was "ok" and he reassured me that I did not need to worry or be burdened. I felt very comforted and reassured and there was an extended conversation which I cannot recall in detail. However, at some point in the dream, I realized very clearly I was talking to an angel, and this angel was telling me things as it were "straight from God". Immediately I had questions I wanted to ask. There was a humongous sonic boom type thunderous clap of sound and I was speeding through a star field. That is the only way I can describe it - - like I was in a science fiction movie, traveling at "warp speed". The next awareness was me looking up at my ceiling, lying in my bed, awake at 3:00 a.m., feeling wonderful, comforted, assured, and very much aware I had just been with an angel! This is not the only time I've had a "real" dream, but is the most recent angel visit.

Ange said...

Hi! I am a friend of a friend of Katherine. I have followed her story from day #1 and so enjoyed praying for Katherine and your family.
I have not yet had a dream about Katherine but hope to one day! However, I had to share with you that Katherine inspired me to hope and dare to dream in the darkest season of my own life. I praise God for her precious life and amazingly inspiring testimony that grows everyday and gives light to many! Katherine has had an incredible impact on my life and encouraged me more than she could ever know. Much love and prayers for you and your precious daughter...