Wednesday, October 15, 2008



For once, I’m almost speechless.

(God forbid.)

You guys are incredible. Thank you SO much for your love, support, encouragement, affirmation...and for the confirmation that I am supposed to be doing this.

Obviously, this is about a lot more than what my family is going through. I am honored and amazed that God is using our pain to bring healing to others. You can’t know what a blessing and privilege that is. I appreciate those of you who have opened yourselves up and risked “public exposure” by your comments. It helps to know more about those who have chosen to share this rough journey with us. I realize that we are certainly not alone in facing heartbreak. Please know that I will be praying for those who have shared their own hurts and challenges. We are one body. When the pinkie hurts, the whole hand throbs with pain...and the arm, and the.......


Typical me: When I first had a chance to read the comments, my initial thought was, “ I really gotta fly right!”

I got an immediate jolt of Spirit fire: “No, Kim...” He said, “All you really gotta do is be loved.”

I mean, how can anyone resist Him???

The good news is too good to be true...but it is.

No strings attached...

“Come one, come all, to the ugly bug ball!”

(...If I’m dreaming, don’t wake me up
If I’m crazy, I don’t wanna be sane
When I’m empty, you fill up my cup
When I’m hurting, you bear my pain...)


*A couple of clarifications about the previous blog:

The comment in question was verbal, not written. Please note that I said it was “somewhat” negative. It was not a scathing indictment. Hopefully, the person that made it doesn’t even realize that it provoked such commentary. As “tami” commented, my post was not intended to “rally the troops” in support of the blog. I must confess, however, that it was precious to discover that I have so many willing defenders. I need all the help I can get!

The point is....the 'negative' comment reinforced reservations I have had myself, and forced me to really examine my motives and revisit the risks involved. I also felt that I needed to provide a little background information for those who are late to the dance.

The responses serve as a sign that the blessings far outweigh the curses. Thank you for giving me some peace.

Also, in rereading the post, I remembered that the words to the Jill Phillips song (“God Believes In You”) are“Everything matters if anything matters at all...”

I do believe that’s true.



Ginny Evans said...

Kim, A book would be good!! You have such an incredible gift! Always use it as you are now.

johnsmith said...

We had a big special Mother's Day Celebration Party Room in the living room various drawings Katherine had done, gifts to her from our 'rents and from Kitten, some giant colored zinnias (fake) that Katherine had latched onto at Great Indoors.



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Brenda See said...

See, here's the deal. I (We) learn a lot from reading your blog (in addition to being blessed). I had never heard "Come one, come all to the ugly bug ball." HOW NEAT IS THAT? I'll be saying that all day, and looking at all the people I see thinking, "Come one, come all to the ugly bug ball."

What a ministry you have in implanting words and visions in my head that are so different and thought tickling.

To paraphrase a good one: "No woman is an island." We are all connected. Thanks, Sis, for being willing to connect us.


An Ugly Bug (tee hee)

tatiana said...

u all r the "wow" factor 4 us.... if u flip wow 'round, it's mom & wat an amazin' mom u r.... we may b bugs of many shapes & sizes, but we were made from the same cloth & we will all wear that cloth 2 the ball.... dreamin', crazy, empty or hurtin'.... He will heal us all.... even a hurtin' pinkie....

Tami said...

YAY - you're back :) I'm very happy that you have regrouped and are committed to your blog. I also have a blog that I write to keep family and friends updated on my dad's kidney cancer battle. Quite often I have wondered if people are tired of hearing about our ups and downs, and then similiar to the comments you received, I'll get an email from someone telling me how my father has touched their life and how much they appreciate the blog because it lets them know how we are doing and how best to pray. I hear this over and over and it keeps me going. I even had someone tell me that just from reading the blog they can tell that even in the dark times, how close of a family we are and how much love we have. So much so that they wished they could join my family! (If they only knew...we usually have some form of drama going on at any given time - for Christmas this year I've bought my Dad a coffee mug that says "Best Director of a Family Comedy" --that about sums us up!)
I digressed there a bit, but all to say, I'm so happy that you heard loud and clear that what you write is important to others, you're loved, appreciated, and its good you're back at it!
Its been good to read Katherine's updates this week too. What a great idea she's had of providing a daily specific prayer focus. You have quite a daughter...

joey alfonso said...

I've been checking in on Katherine's progress since the beginning. My prayers continue to be with you all. Thanks for always being such a great example of "family" for us all to see. Give Katherine a big hug from Coach Alfonso!

Karen Blickle said...

"And what a happy time we'll have there, one and all, at the ugly bug ball". Did we ever put on a performance of "Summer Magic"? Ah memories....we could always reprise "Camelot"!

Your in my heart and prayers!
Love, BF

Karen Blickle said...

Grammar check! YOU'RE in my heart and prayers my dear Kim!