Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Merry Christmas to All!

Dear Family and Friends,

I hope you all will understand the impossibility of addressing Christmas cards this year.

But Granny has learned a new trick!

Love and much happiness to you all...

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max harrell said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful Christmas card and the reminder and assurance that the light shines through the darkness. Your family is beautiful, you relfect the light and love of Jesus. Your prayers warriors will continue to lift you up this season and many more days ahead.
Carol Harrell

Callie said...

You have such a beautiful family, Mrs. Arnold!!! Have a WONDERFUL, restful Christmas!!!

Ginny Evans said...

What an amazing and beautiful family. I know you must be so proud!! Thank you for the beautiful Christmas card.....prayers are continuing to go up and I pray for a Christmas Miracle for Katherine and all of you!!

tatiana said...

that was great kim! even better than a card.... thank u so much 4 postin' it.... it really is a nice trick (i might have 2 try it).... :) u all look wonderful & katherine w/ her sweet baby james in her arms was just beautiful.... by the way, did u all get the x-mas cards that i sent u? i hope so.... i wanted 2 send somethin' else 2, but i wanted 2 make sure the address was right.... thanx again & 4 the upliftin' message.... well, i wish u all a very merry x-mas & much luv & hapiness 2 u 2.... xoxo....
tati :)

Anne said...

What a beautiful card and an amazing family. Thank you for sharing this - we're still praying for each of you!!

maryhp said...

Katherine and Jay: This is Hillary Smiley's grandmother (via her mom Mary Pennington). We, too, follow your journey and pray for you and your family. You have made incredible progress and I KNOW it will continue. Ruth Hamel.

maryhp said...

Katherine & Jay,
I was wondering if you or any of your family members have heard of or read this book? It's by the Harvard trained brain scientist named Jill Taylor called, "My Stroke of Insight!" ?

On the morning of December 10, 1996,at 37 years old Jill experienced a massive stroke when a blood vessel exploded in the left side of her brain. It's a brain scientist's journey from a debilitating stroke to full recovery in 8 years. It's an inspiring exploration of human consciousness and its possibilities.

It's an amazing and inspirational story!

You are continually in our thoughts and prayers!Glad you could make it back home for the holidays!
Merry Christmas.

Love, Mary & Dan Pennington & Family

Lori said...


Your Christmas entry was so inspiring for me. Sometimes I wonder about coincidences on getting messages just when we need them....then I realize it's the Lord working and there are not many coincidences at all.

I want you to know one of the best moments of this year for me was when I called Brooks to catch up with him and he told me Katherine mentioned to him about the Christmas morning I came over to your house in my pajamas with Alan and his breathing treatment machine because we had lost power. It made me so happy that she remembered that...and I can still see Brooks standing there wearing his Santa hat.

Thank you for your blog. Thank you and Katherine for inspiring so many of us to hang in there and not lose faith, but rather, thank God for the progress we have made. Our life is mostly two steps forward (after a long time of trying) and then one step back, but, with the help of the Lord, we will keep moving in a forward direction.

I am very tired after nearly 15 years of struggling and have learned to celebrate the small steps of progress. This past year was particularly difficult with Alan but I want you and Katherine to know how much your blog has helped. And again, how much it meant to me when Brooks mentioned Katherine remembered that Christmas years ago when you came to our rescue so Alan could get his meds.....Katherine and your family's strength is so inspiring and has been the best Christmas gift I could have received. I am so proud of all of you. Thank you, love, Lori

Alex said...

A Time to Weep spoke to me.

Alex said...

A Time For Tears spoke to me, but then again, so many of your posts touched me. I've not traveled your path but feel deeply about your journal and marvel at your faith. You are teaching me, blog by blog. Old gals learn!