Friday, October 30, 2009

Hi, Friends,

Just a note to say that I'm able to write again, and hope to post some thoughts by Monday.

In addition to rose-smelling time with James, I forgot my laptop when we went to stay in Pomona last week. (I always forget something!)

I did have some good intercessory prayer time. Having seen it's great efficacy in our own situation, I am trying to be more faithful and consistent in interceding for others. I would particularly like to ask you to join me in praying for the situation mentioned in the first comment on the previous blog. A little 3 1/2 year old boy has been diagnosed with leukemia. How my heart goes out to this family! And my prayers go up for them.

Life is so very fragile. Attending therapy with Katherine at Casa Colina this week, my heart broke for some of the new patients there. I pray that they will be given the gift of HOPE in spite of their seemingly hopeless circumstances. Our own problems seem "light and temporary" in comparison to those.

We are all in the same lifeboat in a stormy sea, as Chesterton says, so let us love one another truly, from the heart.

Find some joy this weekend.

And share it.

Love, Kim


Krista said...

Would you please pray for the Merrill family from Fairfax Station, VA? Both parents were killed in a traffic accident last week with three of their four children in the car. The baby (18 mos) suffered a broken leg. Thankfully, the other two children were unhurt and one additional daughter was at a friend's house. The girls are 18 mos., 3, 9, & 13 and now suddenly and tragically without their parents. It is so sad and so hard to comprehend the "why". Thank you so much. We love to read your blog and pray for Katherine on a regular basis!

Kim Arnold said...

Dear Krista,

Of course I will pray for this family, and invite anyone reading this to join us in lifting them up.

Incomprehensible, from a human standpoint.

We can't know the "whys." We just know the One who will wipe away all the tears one day. I ask for His peace, provision, and covering for these little girls and all their family.