Tuesday, January 19, 2010


from our front porch... said...

I won't leave..don't worry.
I am part of the story now, also! Because I know you and Katherine, and I have her story and your story in my heart. I have told it. I will tell it again, I am sure.

So when you get a chance, visit me!
And I will be waiting for another p.s. from you!

xo, misha

Carine said...

Hi Kim!
Didn't even know to do that...
But, I just joined as a "follower"!
Please do keep it up - I love to read your beautiful writing and insights.
(from UCLA)

Anne said...

No one's giving up on you, don't worry! I love coming to read, be inspired, follow your family's story and pray alongside you. Keep it coming!

Anna said...

don't worry. we wont leave :) we want to read more of your beautiful words!

Demorah Hayes said...

I have been so inspired and learned so much from your blog, and I think you are a fabulous writer! Hope to hear more from you in some other venue. Thanks for all you've shared.

Demorah Hayes
FBC Montgomery

Elizabeth said...

IM NOT LEAVING! can't wait for you to get a blog - I thought of this girl when you said you were new to all this - she makes lots of people's blogs and she does a great job! it is worth the money and she is super sweet!


Hoity Toity Baby said...

Don't you hate that? LOL That has happened to me before.

I'd love you to stop by my blog at www.hoitytoitybaby.blogspot.com