Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sunday Sunrise

Sunday, April 27, 2008, 6:00 a.m.

Bits of “reality” begin to penetrate the bubble of love.

Katherine may not be able to eat. Katherine’s eyes may not be okay. Yesterday a doctor said to me, “She is very, very sick.” Another told me her situation is still “critical.” Everyone keeps emphasizing the word “months,” as if they really mean “years.” Such intricacies in the human many possibilities of malfunction! Ugly images knock on the door of my mind, try to peak into the windows of my soul, sneak in through the cracks of my broken heart. I start free-falling back down into the Pit of pain and despair. Lines from a poem I wrote when I was there a year or two ago sing-song in my head:

...Day, week, hour, year:
Time itself does not live here-
Only creatures of the night:
Existence not defined by light.

But the sun is coming up now, and I’ve just read an email from my friend Olga in Russia telling me that it is Easter there. I have been praying the resurrection power of Easter into Katherine’s body from the first day of this. I believe, I KNOW, that “The Sun of righteousness is coming with healing in his wings.” Weeping lasts for a night, but joy comes in the morning...

I have to go get ready for church now. Bel-Air Presbyterian’s service today is to be a “Service of Prayer and Praise for Katherine Arnold Wolf.” They’ve told me there will be many, many people praying for her.

The creatures of the night will be chased away by praise.


Alisa said...

I am praying for your Katherine throughout the day and each time I wake at night. She is heavy on my heart, as are you. Know we love you.
Alisa and the Howen family

3girlsmom said...

We haven't met, but my family is friends of the Wolfs. Sarah was my babysitter all last year while she was at Samford. I've known Jason forever. Just wanted you to know that the amount of people praying for Katherine is mind boggling. People you haven't met and people you probably won't ever meet are lifting her up constantly.
5 of those people are here in my house. We pray for Katherine every day. My 6 year old has added her to her bedtime prayers and even stops me sometimes during the day to pray for Katherine. She is on all of our minds all day. My youngest daughters are 2 and 1, and really don't understand what they are praying for, but are saying her name out loud during their bedtime prayers. I truly believe in praying out loud. Speaking to Him with your mouths, not just hearts.
We believe so intensely in the healing powers of our God. We know that we know that He can transform her body from it's current state to a new healed beautiful lady. We are praying for total healing. Mark 5:41 is being spoken here.
You are all loved.
Robyn and the Davidson family

aileen said...

Dear Mrs. Arnold,

I just want you to know that my family, we are all praying for you all and love you all so very much.

Aileen Beltran

madamekillina said...

I am praying specifically for your back and neck pain to be relieved, so that your strength is not sapped during Katherine's marathon. You are SUCH an amazing force in her life and the world, and I am so moved by your eloquent writing, your struggles, your faith, your honesty, your insight--Katherine is so blessed to have you for her mother! I pray that you begin to feel that your body can HELP you in this fight,

In God's healing mercy,

Allison said...

We continue to pray for all of you. Katherine is constantly on my mind and in my prayers. I pray for her complete healing. I love you Kim!

mbberry said...

Here is a voice from out of your past, dear. Joe and I are praying for Katherine, Jason, James, you and Brooks, Amanda and all Katherine's extended family. We eagerly look for our email update daily and rejoice every time we see improvements. We know that God is working a miracle in your beautiful Katherine.

Love, Mary and Joe Berry