Friday, May 8, 2009


...I forgot to say that every "comment" is like a Christmas present. 


The Dodd Family said...

Well Ho Ho HO! Merry Christmas Mama Kim! I love you so much - happy early Mother's Day :) I can't imagine any mama doing a better job for our Katty than you. I love you so much and hope to see you next month!

Laurel said...

Happy Mother's Day to you and Katharine!

mustwrite said...

happy mother's day and Kim, I vote for every entry and I totally mean that. I'm not just saying that. Everyone in the whole world should read every single one and I have told many people that.

Much Love,
Michelle Reynolds Lowe

Peggy Dabbs said...

Precious Lady! I too am amazed by
your gift of writing. I have followed your "journey through the
wilderness" from the beginning.
I have wept with you, praised God
with you and prayed with you.

I have never met you or Katherine,
but feel so much love for all of you. I am truly blessed for the
sharing of your life with us.

Peggy Dabbs
El Lago, Texas

Kenzie said...

Mrs. Kim! Hi! I know you or Katherine don't know me, but I heard Katherine's story through my small group leader, Mrs. Rebecca Ashford. I cannot even begin to express how much God has used Katherine's story in my life. While I would hate for my refinement to come at another's expense, I pray that in the lowest of the lows y'all are encouraged that God IS using all this for a greater purpose. I have thought so many times that I would LOVE to purchase a book of all your blog posts or a book of Katherine's story. I consistently check the blog, and look forward to the way God is going to use it in my life at that moment. As I looked back to pick my favorites, I realized it was a lost cause. I like them all and in the very moment of reading them I have experienced Jesus' love in so many ways. Thank you and your family so much for sharing your life with the world. Your authenticity is encouraging, inspiring, and such a great example of Jesus' love.

McKenzie Ausband

Kathy Wiggins said...

You absolutely must keep writing your blogs! Today I decided to copy ALL of them to my hard drive in case you decided to delete them!! I am not kidding! I really did. You must publish them in a book for us.

Some of my favorites are Suffering, Undoing, Memorial Stones, Graduation, Roller Coaster Ride, Jesus Wept, Blind Trust, The New Normal, Public Exposure, The Next Right Thing -- oh, my goodness! See! I can't type the names of my favorites. There are too many! Your writings speak to different things we are all going through or will be going through.

My emotions lately have been messed up, mixed up, and goofed up! It is then I remember that you wrote about that feeling I'm having - the one on suffering, doing the next right thing, etc. I don't express myself verbally as well as I would like, and you really are helping me to identify what I am feeling and put it into words.

The kindness your family recently extended to Laura Slade was immeasurable. Being 2000 miles away from home is sometimes a lonely place to be. Thank you for including her in the laughter and the tears. She gained so much insight. Katherine's talk on "Your Identity in Christ" continues to ground her.

Thank you for your authenticity. Keep writing... you are like a city on a hill. Your light shines brightly!

Continuing to pray and believe,

Love you,

DianneBahnsen said...

Dear Kim,
Though I haven't written often (only on Facebook), I have followed your journey since April 21 and have been so blessed by your tender Mother's heart. As a Mother, I think it's natural to feel your pain and fear and to experience the hope as you minister to your precious daughter. Thank you for being available to God's leading as you've so beautifully expressed your heart. Your writings have been such a blessing and an inspiration!! We've always loved Katherine, and we continue to pray for God's perfect healing in her life. I also pray for you, Kim, that God will continue to give you the strength, patience, and mercy to be all that you are and have been to Katherine. Much love, Dianne

Karen said...

This dear woman could use someof your good medicine

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Arnold:

You may be familiar with the following, but "Painting Pictures of Egypt" by Sara Groves (a song), and A Grief Observed (book- sorry, I can't figure out how to underline) by CS Lewis would encourage you.

I am another person you don't know, but I too think you should continue to write. Some of us have heartache, others of us will have heartache, and these messages from you both encourage those people struggling now and better prepare those whose struggle is to come. Praise God for His provision through His own!

tatiana said...

dear kim,
readin' all ur post r like x-mas presents 2 me 'cuz they allow me 2 b a part of ur's & katherine's lives ( u r 2 of the strongest mother's/women i know).... write 'bout bein' happy, sad, frustrated, lost, confused, angry, joyous, amazed, blessed; 'bout baby poop, childhood memories, comp. prob's., the immense luv u have 4 ur family, etc.... the point is that it doesn't matter wat u write 'bout (embarassin' or not), ur words will always touch each & every1 of us that reads them.... our troubles seem smaller wen we remember the greatness of God & wen we share the burden w/ others....
much luv,
p.s. i luv u, my friend....

Jessica said...
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Paula said...

I live in Dallas, TX and have never met you but have been following all that has been going on with Katherine since the very beginning. I pray for you guys daily and can't even begin to imagine all you have been through. As a mom, your heart must ache. I do believe God has a plan for all of you and will make it come to pass.