Monday, July 13, 2009

Life. Support. Music.

A few nights ago, I came across a wonderful PBS documentary called Life. Support. Music. It is the story of Jason Crigler, a young musician who collapsed on stage after suffering a severe AVM rupture. His case is similar to Katherine's in many ways, although her long-term effects were more severe because of the number of cranial nerves that were damaged or severed in her surgery.

Parts of the movie were hard to watch, as it brought back some painful memories. But the overall tone is full of love, hope, and courage. It is an amazing story.

L.S.M. is a very graphic depiction of the effects of this often tragic medical condition. I recommend the following PBS link to anyone who is interested in learning more about AVMs. There is a trailer from the film, plus other valuable information and resources.

If anyone knows how to put a song from your ITunes library on the blog, let me know. I downloaded a good song by Jason called, "She Waits For An Answer." (Where is my technology assistant, anyway??)

Hope everyone had a good holiday, and is savoring the joys of summertime!

Love, Kim

(p.s. I'm hoping to publish a new blog sometime in the next day or two, God willing.)


Tattoos and High Heels said...

This site is free to sign up -

Once signed up search for your artist/song and then copy and past the embed portion code into your blog post and it should paste the song into your blog. :)

Hope this helps.
Lisa Ahlgren :)

Grieving Mother/Therapist, Angie Bennett Prince said...

Also, a very easy one to use for Blogger is (as in "I like ...(music,etc.)" but with no space between the I and the like! Register, choose your songs; add the ones you like - they'll ask for info. and then put it in your blogsite!

Let me know if it works - I have other ideas if not.



Ashley said...

My husband and I just watched this the other night as well, and it made me think of your daughter's journey. I was praying for her continuing recovery and for you all, her family, as you surround her and encourage her towards healing. What saddened me about Jason's story was the absence of faith in Christ. While I am thankful for his tremendous healing, it is still a tragic story to me because he does not love the One who brought him healing or who can truly save him. I am praying for them all to experience and know Christ personally. What an amazing story THAT would be, on top of his already incredible journey...

Angie said...


I think I use for facebook rather than Sorry.

On, I use +, but MOST of my songs are on (Sometimes, one site has a song or two that the others won't have.)

But makes it very easy to set up -
1) your account,
2) your list of songs, as well as 3) the actual transferring of them to your blog,
4) and updating with more songs later.

If you look on my blog, you will find the "Playlist" set of songs towards the bottom of the page (in the center of the page not the sidebar). "Redeemer" is the first song on its list. Once you find it, look in the lower left corner of the jukebox display of my songs, and find "Create Your Free Playlist"; click that block, and it will take you directly to their site.


Let me know which of these works out for you!

Much love,


suzi rocketteu said...

helping hands what a blessing full of love and grace

Anonymous said...

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I watch Life. Support. Music. movie last night. i enjoyed the movie.