Monday, July 27, 2009

Post Script

(Watching "Nemo" before our next lap around the plane.)

It was all preparation...

mine never even closed his eyes.


Anonymous said...


Traveling at all these days is hard, regardless of having a baby to take care of or if you are just riding in the plane with one! And it was all in preparation. I guess most everything in our lives is preparing us for something that will happen later on.

Glad that you got through it!

Much love,


Callie said...

Hope your travels went well! I recently flew out to is a LONG flight! Can't imagine doing it with a baby!

Thank you so much for your writing, by the way. It touches me and so many other in so many ways.

You have inspired me to start my own blog...not sure how long it'll last, or how many people will actually read it...but if you ever have writer's block and need to read someone else's words:

God bless.

I pray for all of you every single day.