Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Mother's Day Promise

I’ve spent a lot of time keeping company with good old Isaiah over the past two years. I never really liked him much before that, but it’s probably just because I got a bad first impression. Actually, I wasn’t much of an OT girl until fairly recently, when I realized that I am an Israelite. Not the 21st Century version; the kind that cluelessly wandered around the desert for 40 years and remained stubborn, stiff-necked, and stupid even after that. Some of us just keep revisiting the same old places, shut ourselves up in the same old prisons. Thank God our Father that He is more patient with us than we are with our children. A lot more patient.

On my way to something else this morning, the Book opened to Isaiah 49. I believe that many parts of scripture are multi-dimensional and contain layers of meaning that transcend time. They may be interpreted on several different levels at once. Although this passage pertains to a specific set of circumstances at a particular point of history, I found a love letter hidden in it. Here are some excerpts:

The LORD called me before my birth; from within the womb he called me by name... This is what the LORD says: “At just the right time, I will respond to you. On the day of salvation I will help you...I will say to the prisoners, ‘Come out in freedom,’ and to those in darkness, ‘Come into the light.” They will be my sheep, grazing in green pastures and on hills that were previously bare. They will neither hunger nor thirst. The searing sun will not reach them anymore. For the LORD in his mercy will lead them; he will lead them beside cool waters. And I will make my mountains into level paths for them. The highways will be raised above the valleys...

Can a mother forget her nursing child? Can she feel no love for the child she has borne? But even if that were possible, I would not forget you! See, I have written your name on the palms of my hands...
This is what the Sovereign LORD says: “... They will carry your little sons back to you in their arms; they will bring your daughters on their shoulders...

For I will fight those who fight you, and I will save your children.”

I’m taking that as a Mother’s Day promise.


Julia said...

I am praying for you today and thinking of you and Katherine as much as of my own mom. I'm just home from church where our pastor read this same passage from Isaiah 49. He encouraged all who are moms and others who are celebrating moms to know God's love...His love being even greater than that of a mother for her child. God has been gracious to me that I might know His love. I thank Him for the years I had in college with you and your family. He used you to teach me and love me. Thank you! May God bless you and heal sweet, beautiful Katherine.
Love, Julia

April said...

Your faith is incredible. I am praying for you and for Katherine. Your blog truly inspires me. Thank you for your faith.
Much love,
April Roland

Teri said...

I have been tracking with you for weeks, but have not commented on any of your writings up until now. You don't know me, which is why I haven't written before now ... tonight I must. I have to tell you that I am undone by your love for the Lord and for your sweet girl. I travel across the nation preaching and ministering to women. Your courage and faith has challenged me beyond words. I am standing with you all for Katherine's miracle. Thank you for letting us take a peek into your lives ... what a labor of love!

Grace on you,
Teri Gladstone Furr
Concord, NC

Anonymous said...

Kim, Kim, Kim...this is so amazing!...your ability to totally capture the raw, intense, honest moment is what the Lord uses...'in your weakness He is strong'

I cant help but linger in the bittersweetness of it all. I know that Katherine wants her life to point people to Christ...but what amazes me is that you, too, are pointing people to Christ and blossoming as this amazing writer with a large audience that is hungry to hear all your thoughts and insights. You are using this new forum to draw people to the Lord...and then there's all of the thousands of Christians telling Katherine's story and are pointing people to Christ in a way that is like a revival. We share in Katherine's sufferings....and God has got A LOT of people's attention right now. God is able to use what we've got to offer Him...and you offer Him your pain.

One of Katherine's friends in the Young Marrieds class volunteers at a prison ministry and preached on Romans 8 (it is the thing to do the last three weeks :)...and a prisoner came to the Lord Thursday.

Talitha Jesus Name! Let Katherine experience the power of Jesus. We are pounding on the doors of heaven for your daughter and will not stop!