Monday, May 19, 2008

Not a blog...just wanted you other technophobes to know that I FINALLY figured out how to get the song mentioned in "Suffering" onto this page! GO GRANNY!!! It'll probably take me another couple of weeks to figure out how to get that annoying little cassette thingy off of here, so maybe reread "Suffering" while listening to the's Him speaking to you, too.

(p.s. ok, so I just noticed that it's the 'live' version instead of the one on Kat's ipod, and there's some other song on there, too. Oh well,nobody's perfect. Just click on the little stop button if it annoys you.)


Karen Blickle said...

I'm incredibly proud of you BF! Since you have admitted to this newfound ability, see if you can load and listen to the song "Breathe" sung by Faith Hill. It was playing as I drove to LAX Friday and the words had a whole new meaning to me, offering a beautiful description of your and Katherine's closeness. I got chills. Its not the first time God has spoken to me through a song on the radio. He always knows how to get my attention :) I am in Vienna, Austria now and have just returned from lighting a candle and pausing for prayer for you, Katherine and Brooks in the magnificent St. Stephen's Cathedral. Pictures will follow when I return home, as I promised.

Take care of yourself("just breathe"!)
I love you!!


sarah said...

the second song is "he woke me up again" . . . so beautiful! the fremont's are praying for you all.

Cecile said...

I have been tracking Kathrine's journey through your blog and the FBC web site from the beginning. I know Katherine personally only from her visits with Jason (as we know him) and the Wolfs. The Wolfs have been a treasured part of my life since I have known my wife, Cecile, and began attending FBC. Jay sometimes jests that Cecile and I have "joint custody" of the children, although by the time I came on the scene Jason was well down the path he now walks. I find you blog entries special in the way you pain such a personal and loving picture of your child and all that she touches in you. Your entries have helped me know Katherine and the influences that shaped her so much better. You have allowed all of us to share in some small way the joy that Katherine has brought to those who love her as well as the fear and anxiety that slips past your guard in moments of fatigue. Her journey through this storm and the commentary around it has had a profound impact on my thinking and my life - an impact that began with the Wolfs and has been strengthened in the course of this "miracle watch". I pray that the miracle will be a complete one but the testimony and love of God shown so far in the entries is a miracle in its own way. Katherine is bringing people closer to God in her "suffering", the sharing of which you spoke so eloquently days ago. The quote "why?" is difficult if not unanswerable and sometimes acceptance and the knowledge we will some day understand, is often the best answer. Your quote from Emily Dickinson's poem said it well. As a clinical phychologist I sometimes tell my patients that what i "sell" is hope but that hope must be tempered with reality, and that balance is what you express so well. Over the past month some of my thoughts have been already been expressed so eloquently by one of your dear friends or even a stranger that has been touched in some way by this tragedy. I hope and pray that this will lead to growth in Christ for all who are following the story with open ears and eyes. About two years ago Cecile gave me a copy of Oswald Chambers' My Upmost For His Highest. So many of the daily devotionals have been relevant to the journey of one of my patients or Katherine's silent ministry, but today's entry (5/19) comments struck me as I read them. I wish I could share it all since your copy may not be at hand but a few words carry the essence. The devotionals is titled "Out Of The Wreck I Rise" and begins with words from Romans 8:35. Chambers writes "It does matter what actual troubles in the most extreme form get hold of a man's life, not one of them can separate him from his relationship to God." What strikes me as revelant is that Katherine, as her tears, squeezing of hands, and other non-verbal communcations demonstrate is that she is daily aware and walking with God, and in her walk she is like the man in the Verizon commercial being followed by a huge crowd. God's network is walking with her through all the electronic menus and that are all in prayer with and for her. Please reinforce the belief already expressed by so many that the obvious strength of Katherine's faith and that of her family and friends is in itself an inspiring ministry. Our prayers are with you and with Katherine with Jason and James.
Kim & Cecile Hamblinh

Jessica Billings said...

today in the car I heard one of my favorite songs that I have heard many, many times before... but today when I heard it, I thought of you and Katherine. I know that it's God that brings you to my mind at these various moments - I have them frequently. The song you added is beautiful - do you know who sings it? I've been listening to it over, and over... I love how music just comforts me in ways that others cannot (besides the Father). Maybe this song will speak to you as well...
Jars of Clay
The Valley Song
(Sing of Your Mercy)

You have led me to the sadness
I have carried this pain
on a back bruised, nearly broken
I'm crying out to You

I will sing of Your mercy
that leads me through
valleys of sorrow
to rivers of joy

when death, like a gypsy
comes to steal what I love
I will still look to the heavens
I will still seek your face
but I fear You aren't listening
because there are no words
just the stillness
and the hunger
for a faith that assures

alleluia, alleluia
alleluia, alleluia

while we wait for rescue
with our eyes tightly shut
face to the ground using our hands
to cover the fatal cut
though the pain is an ocean
tossing us around, around, around
You have calmed greater waters
higher mountains have come down

jennyhope said...

I love this song on your blog and am proud that you go it on here! =) praying.

astackhouse said...

I have always believed that the scriptures were given to us to show the human side of Godly people and of Jesus himself. The people who dealt with life and the worst of circumstance and yet are considered Godly. The times of wanting to scream...hey my child is still here are surely coming...know we continue to hold the rope and I know that the Lord we both serve is there ready to hold and handle whatever you need.
Your blog is how I keep up with a mother's heart and her child's difficult challenge. Thank you. There are days it makes me pray harder and days that it makes me cry harder and days that it makes me laugh.
Hang in there. Keep taking care of yourself.
Amy Stackhouse